Top 5 Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

We’ve surveyed advice from across the web for the top five tips for budding entrepreneurs! Read on… Take risks! Got an idea? Don’t wait for permission or validation, test it out, try it out, and see how you go. You have to take action to get traction, and that’s one of the most exciting parts … Read more

Top Australian Universities for Engineers

In light of National STEM Day, we thought we’d look into what the top ranked Australian Universities for Engineering were in 2020. Check out the list below* The University of New South Wales (UNSW) The University of Melbourne Monash University The University of Sydney Australian National University (ANU) The University of Queensland (UQ) University of … Read more

Will the office become the club house?

Since entering into our first ever experience of a global pandemic, last seen over a century ago, all of us in the white-collar business community have been grappling to understand how to operate in the much clichéd ‘new normal’.  A big part of this has been working from home (WFH) and wondering, does this work, … Read more

AR vs. VR

So… What’s better? AR versus VR? What is better onsite? Augmented reality or virtual reality? Our Director, Jeremy Hopson, takes us through our new tech – Trimble’s SiteVision – in our latest video.

Top Trends in Green Construction

The built environment is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; it is also is responsible for consuming one-third of the world’s water and generating around 40% of its waste. With consumer awareness of climate change driving the demand for more renewable materials in construction, it is a no-brainer that construction trends are … Read more

Ten years in Australia; ten awesome things about Australia

Jeremy Hopson, Director of FJA, reflects on ten years in Australia with his ten best things about Australia.   The beach You can’t talk about the positive of Australia without talking about the beach. We are blessed with amazing beaches all around the island/continent. My favourites are Manly, Clontarf and Blueys Beach, they are all … Read more

Top 5 Civil Engineering Trends of 2019

Compulsory BIM on infrastructure projects This year we did our first project that mandated the use of BIM. In this case it was a 4D model. The level in maturity in the definitions and standards around BIM are fantastic and make BIM so much easier to implement. There is also now the ISO 19650-1:2018, that … Read more