Ten years in Australia; ten awesome things about Australia

Jeremy Hopson, Director of FJA, reflects on ten years in Australia with his ten best things about Australia.  

  1. The beach

You can’t talk about the positive of Australia without talking about the beach. We are blessed with amazing beaches all around the island/continent. My favourites are Manly, Clontarf and Blueys Beach, they are all awesome.

  • The vastness

Once you arrive from your tiny grey island, it takes several years to understand the full scale of this country. In ten years I’ve barely scratched the surface of this sun scorched earth, I plan to see more of it in the next ten.

  • The one syllable addiction

Maaate, Bruce, Brad, Brett. Words are at a premium and you need to shorten everything.

  • The fair dinkum have a go attitude

To paraphrase Scotty from marketing, we give a go, to those who want a go, get a go, give and go. I think what he means is that we are lucky that we have boundless opportunity to be successful in Australia. You’ve just got to start!

  • The clear blue sky

Low(er than other places) pollution and different stars to the northern hemisphere, always remember to look up.

  • Diverse communities

It’s a mongrel nation.

  • The city versus the regions

You have an amazing juxtaposition of cities of 5 million inhabitants followed by towns of 500. If you ever need a break from the city; go bush.

  • Wealth

Literally one of the richest countries on earth and therefore we are all very very lucky. Go and visit somewhere poor and then come back and feel amazed that you are part of Aus.

  • Show me your minerals

What do want, we’ve got gold, iron ore, opal, uranium. This country is sitting on a goldmine, literally.

  1. The colleagues and mates I’ve made

Life is about people and relationships, so I just wanted to say thanks to all the people I have had the pleasure to love or hate in the last ten years, you made it what is was!

Make sure you remember that you only live once, so enjoy it.